Make 2017 the Year for Your Best Selfie

Model – Allie Lewis
The first step to taking a good selfie is finding the most flattering angles for your face. Most people look their best when they turn their faces slightly away from the camera rather than looking straight on. Also, holding the camera a little bit above your face creates a more alluring look.
 Many of you have heard the phrase, “The camera adds five pounds”. Yet, you may not know that the camera also subtracts half of the amount of hair and makeup one wears. That’s right, contrast is your friend when you want to take a pretty picture so it’s a good idea to try wearing a little more make up than usual.
Extra volume in your hair also creates the perfect frame for your face. Try loose waves and highlights, which always deliver that extra oomph. Always check your final look on your camera, and not in your mirror, to get accurate feedback.
Picture –  Danielle Chipoco
 Lighting is the finishing touch. Natural sunlight is almost always the most flattering setting. Direct lighting that is evenly cast onto your face will highlight your best features and steer you away from unflattering shadows.
 Your best angles, stronger hair and makeup, and the right lighting create the winning formula for your best selfie!
 Bonus tip: Think about something you love when you take a selfie. Your happiness and joy will come through in the photo.

As winter approaches, your natural instinct is likely to color your hair darker. But I don’t think so.

As winter approaches, your natural instinct is likely to color your hair darker.


    But I don’t think so.


    In the winter, most of us would already wear a lot of black, grey or solid colors. So think about this. If you’re wearing a lot of darker colors, and your hair is dark, you may look a little dull.

Model Mariana Macki/ Color by Rogerio Cavalcante/ Haircut by Marshall Lin

   ‘ I don’t believe women should change hair colors as season does. Otherwise what would happen with the beautiful Scandinavians Blondes in the winters! Go Darker!? Never! ‘ Star Colorist Rogerio Cavalcante from Maria Bonita Salon


    Don’t be afraid to go lighter in the winter, since you won’t get a lot of sunlight reflection off your hair during the colder seasons.


Color by David Michaud 
Color by  Rogerio Cavalcante

   ‘ During the winter season, the sun casts a pretty white and grey light. Because of this , many people think that they have to change their hair color to be darker and warmer, but in fact the opposite is true, I recommend that, during the winter, blonds go to more of an ASHY/COOL blond- even ICY ‘ Celebrity Colorist David Michaud from Frederic Fekkai Soho


   Here are some things to keep in mind when coloring your hair (these are tips that go beyond the winter season)


1) When looking for the  best tone for your face, turn to your eyebrows, eye color and skin color, to find something complementary.

2) If your hair is already light, don’t be afraid to go platinum blonde or a cooler blonde.

3) Trust your hairstylist and colorist. Spend time to chat with them, so that you can make sure all of you are on the same page.


Marshall Lin.

Kasho International Educator Ryan Cromer for Marshall’s Chair


In the early 90’s, while most teenagers were dreaming about having their own Rolex watches, Gucci suits, and Bally shoes, I had one more item on my list; the Kasho shears. Kasho shears were, and continue to be, the premier brand of salon quality scissors.
Looking back at my days as an assistant, I remember observing all the hairstylists who looked sharp, dressed to the nines, exuded charm behind their chairs, and wielded their magical scissors. The majority of these hairstylists were using the legendary Kasho shears. Back in the day, scissors alone cost a whopping $600-$700 per pair. Fast forward from the 90’s, when I can now afford my own magical scissors; and my first choice is always Kasho. Just holding a pair of Kasho shears in my hand makes me feel like a superstar. The high quality and unparallel performance are almost just an added bonus.
From the ancient craft of samurai sword making to the highest quality of steel, Kasho International Educator Ryan Cromer, talked to me about the history of Kasho shears and how such top quality scissors are a driving force behind an impeccable haircut.



Ryan Cromer- Kasho National Educator


What is the story behind the founding of Kasho?
The history of Kasho lies in the city of Seki Japan. This city has been the central hub for Japanese Samurai Sword making for the last 700 years and have been the finest craftsmen of Japanese steel since then. That history and spirit of the craftsman has been passed down in a direct line to Kasho through Kai, Kasho’s parent company. Kai is one of the finest steel makers in the world, with such prestigious companies like Kershaw Hunting Knives, Shun Cutlery, as well as Kasho Shears.


Marshall Lin’s Scissor- Limited edition Black millennium series

How do Kasho shear relate to hairstylist?
Kasho shears relate directly to hairstylists through the steel and craftsmanship that go into every single shear. For instance, a cheaper shear is made with very poor materials and steel which will only stay sharp for a hairstylists maybe 2-4 months. Kasho shears are made with a very high end steel, VG-10, which will stay incredibly sharp for up to a year if properly maintained, and even longer for some of the higher end models, like the Kasho Millennium. This saves time and money in the long run, and provides an incredible shear to work with throughout the lifetime of the shear.

There are so many scissor brands on the market, what is so special about Kasho?
The biggest difference lies in the high quality of our steel, which keeps a sharp edge longer than many scissors on the market. This is a huge advantage to a stylist because they can cut more accurately much, much longer and saves about $30 a quarter on sharpening. If properly oiled and tensioned regularly, they will keep their edge for up to a year. We use 100% Japanese steel that is hand crafted in Japan with an edge that is much sharper than most on the market.
What is your advice to new hairstylist when it comes to choosing a good pair of scissors?
Do your research! Find out from the companies not only what kind of steel they use, but where they are made. Japanese steel is regarded to be some of the best steel in the world, but there also different grades of steel, just like there are different grades of meat. Make sure you get something that will last you a lifetime, because form and functionality will serve you more than a scissor with jewels in it. But more than anything, buy nice things. It might take time for a new stylist, but it will serve you greatly in the long run.

learn More info about Kasho Scissor. Please visit

Marshall Lin for Pamella Roland Fall/Winter 2017 #NYFW

Photo credit – Hal Horowitz

Hair- Marshall Lin for Frederic Fekkai

Styling- Erin Walsh

Makeup- Rick DiCecca for Artistry by Amway

Nails- Pattie Yankee

Jewelry- Chopard

Press- Purple PR


Written by Pauline Ma Editor at Large

An ode to artist Mark Rothko: Pamella Roland Fall/Winter 2017 swept the scene of Pier 59 Studios with a collection inspired by abstract expressionism and Rothko’s use of color and texture. Perfect for a chillier time, the pieces combined a variety of materials including double-faced cashmere, leather, and mesh organza, showcased in wintry shades of garnet, moss, aubergine, and amethyst, to name a few.

In signature Pamella Roland fashion, there areplenty of options when it comes to tailored separates with a modern edge. Classic floor-length evening silhouettes also commanded the runway as the run of show transitioned from subtler hues into richer, deeper shades. To no surprise, Fall/Winter 2017 certainly wasn’t without the meticulous detail of embroidery, sequins, sparkling crystals and alluring feathers. All in all a charming and elegant collection – there wasn’t one piece we wouldn’t wear.

Marshall’s Chair: Giorgos Tsetis, co-founder of hair supplement brand NUTRAFOL

If taking charge of your hair health is part of your new year’s resolution, you’ll want to learn more about hair supplement brand NUTRAFOL (, which takes a multi-dimensional approach to solving hair loss. 



Here, co-founder Giorgos Tsetis, talks about how his personal struggle with hair loss led to his dream of granting people the gift of beautiful hair. 


co-founder of Nutrafol- Giorgos Tsetis


What is the back story behind NUTRAFOL?

I’ve always been pretty concerned with my hair. I’m genetically predisposed to hair loss. When you look at me now, you may not believe me. My father and grandfathers started balding in their early 20s and my mother always had very fine hair as well. I was a fashion model and was getting my degree in Engineering in my early 20s – overall, I was feeling very stressed and as a result experiencing a lot of hair shedding. It really worried me, and so, I went to a dermatologist in Holland where I am from. The doctor did several tests and he basically said, ‘by the time you’re 30, you’re going to have a bald spot on the back of your head’. Obviously, that freaked me out and I decided to take a proactive approach to hair loss. I took a drug called finasteride that severely affected my health due to its side effects. A lot of men always wait too long without taking any action and often it’s too late to reverse some of the damage. You have to lose 50% of your hair before you even realize it has thinned out, that’s a scary fact! The bottom line is identifying the issue sooner rather than later. Taking a preventative approach is incredibly important. Just in the United States alone, there are 50 million men and 50 million women who suffer from hair loss and there are no real solutions that are effective and harmless to the body. The supplement industry is not properly regulated. There are too many products on the market with claims that cannot be substantiated. Too many reviews are fake and customers feel lost and misled. Our mission as a science company is to provide consumers with a formulation that is as effective as it is healthy for you. Our team of doctors and researchers have reversed engineered a breakthrough formulation that consists of nutraceutical bio-actives that are clinically proven to combat the multiple causes that lead to hair loss and thinning hair in men and women.


You mentioned stress. Could you explain why stress is always closely linked to hair loss? 

When we are under any sort of pressure your body is releasing the Cortisol hormone to kick in the evolution based “fight or flight” response. But the build-up of Cortisol levels can be damaging to hair follicles and to the body. Together with the production of free radicals it can lead to micro-inflammation in the scalp area. Inflammation is very bad for hair. As a result, your hair growth’s cycle is disrupted. When it is disrupted, you start losing your hair and your hair gets thinner. If this process continues, you could eventually find yourself balding. This is often overlooked in western medicine.  Once we understood on a molecular level how stress played a role in all forms of hair loss we were able to identify key phytochemicals that we incorporated into our formulation.





How does NUTRAFOL help with hair loss? 

There are many factors that lead to hair loss. It’s not just your genes or aging. A multi-targeted approach is vital. Mono-targeting (achieved by vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements alone) is insufficient as only one phase of hair growth is addressed. Nutrafol leverages on the multi-dimensional properties of therapeutic botanicals and biotechnology – using nutraceuticals that target the multiple causes of poor hair health in 4 phases. It rebalances harmful levels of stress hormones to reduce follicle damage; it repairs damaged follicles; it improves circulation to improve follicle function; and when all that is done, it helps with regrowth.


Can I take NUTRAFOL if I’m not experiencing any hair loss at the moment?

Absolutely! This formulation is incredibly healthy for you. It serves as an excellent preventative and anti-aging approach. It combats free radical damage, stress and inflammation which is at the root of all evil within the body.


You’re a mechanical engineer, so how did you learn so much about hair? 

A combination of passion, curiosity and surrounding myself with experts in the field that I can learn from. By sharing your passion, you can attract people who believe in what you believe. I feel blessed with our team of renowned doctors and researchers that have helped us with our success to date.


What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is about nourishing your entire body from within. However, I do value a good stylist and hair products.



Learn more please visit – NUTRAFOL

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