Eight things to know about Marshall Lin



Marshall Lin talks about his childhood, approach to hair, and dreams.

As a child, friends wanted him to style their hair

“I was about eight when I started fiddling around with my hair, and it must have looked really good because all my guy friends started asking me to style their hair (grunge was in and we all had our hair kinda long and styled messy). Physical appearances are very important to me, it’s something that I got from my grandfather, who always looked impeccable even when he was just going to the grocery store.”

Call him a beauty creator

“I’d rather be known as a beauty creator than just a hairstylist. It’s a term that motivates me. For all of us in the beauty industry, we strive to help people maximize their beauty.”



A good haircut starts from observing the bone structure

“Before starting a haircut, I’ll always look at the client’s bone structure first. It helps me determine the best length and angles for that person. Then I’ll move on to looking at the shadows that each haircut would potentially create. That’s not all. When you’re in my chair, be prepared for a lot of questions about your lifestyle. It’s not that I want to pry, but knowing things like, whether you get your eyebrows done professionally, if you usually wear make-up, or if you wear glasses, helps me decide what styles would suit you.

Punk will never die

“Edgy style defines me. I spent the earlier years of my life in Hong Kong, which was heavily influenced by British culture – punk was a big part of it. I was born way after the wave, but punk never dies.”



Even the way people talk inspires him

I can find inspiration in just about anything – the color of the sky, architecture, books, news, and even in the way people’s hair move when they talk excitedly.

Everyone should get a luxury haircut

“People always ask why my haircuts are so expensive. They’ll ask: ‘How good can it be?’. What you’re paying for are the little details – perfect angles, flattering shadows that your hair will create on your face, and I’ll know what hair concerns you have even before you’ve realized it. But I’m not just providing a haircut,  I’m also giving you impeccable service – I’ll remember how you like your coffee, the magazines that you like to read, and provide a listening ear. You’ll feel completely relaxed when you’re in the salon with me. I understand not everyone can afford my service that easily, but it will be worth it.”

2000 people get their hair cut by him every year

“It’s like falling in love with 2,000 people every year – each encounter is a beautiful and sweet experience. I believe that to be successful in this job you need to get to know the people who go to you in a deep and genuine way, only then can you bring out their best.”


He’ll never be satisfied with his work

“To me, success is measured by the number of people I can impact, and there will always be so many more people out there for me to work my magic on.”