To Brush or not to brush: That is the question


photo credit by KaShing Lin
Article by Janet Bloom


To brush or not to brush: that is the question.

Hair brushing almost seems like a trend from the good old days. The old practice of brushing 100 strokes every evening before bed conjures up the image of Marsha Brady or any other 70’s or 80’s beauty icon sitting in front of a mirror stroking away. Yet, with so many brushes on the market that promise fuller, thicker, sexier, hotter, healthier, and the best hair ever; we may wonder if we actually need this tool.

Marshall believes in the foolproof combination of brushing AND combing your hair to achieve the best effect. “Combing separates the hair, while brushing puts it back together,” he says. Both combing and brushing, ultimately, contribute to a beautiful cascade of smooth hair. There are, however, different occasions when we should choose one over the other. As you go throughout your day combing and brushing your hair will fit into different aspects of your beauty routine.


Before you shower: Brush your dry hair to stimulate your scalp and evenly distribute the natural oils throughout your hair. This will make shampooing a smoother experience and help you to avoid knots while sudsing up and rinsing.

In the shower: A comb should be used in the shower to spread out conditioner. As it separates each strand of hair, the comb will aid in the absorption of the conditioner as well.

Before you blow dry: A comb is vital for achieving a beautiful blowout. It creates the foundation by removing knots in wet hair and laying the initial shape; so always comb out your hair before blow-drying.

During your blow dry: Only on DRY hair will the brush create the tension to promote shine and smooth out the shape. A natural bristle brush works the best. Marshall’s primer on choosinga brush  can be found in this link ‘ OLIVIA GARDEN’, ‘ YS PARK PROFESSIONAL ‘ ‘ Raincry Hairbrush


Daily brush out: Again, remember to brush dry hair only. Brush as needed whenever hair needs to be refreshed, smoothed, and shaped.

Always comb and brush your hair starting from the ends, and working towards the top. Knots are generally concentrated at the ends of your hair so starting from the bottom will createa smoother  path. Follow this rule of thumb for both combing and brushing. A gorgeous head of hair is only a comb and a brush away.


Hair by Marshall Lin

Model- Claire Dubois, Morgan Sipp, Caroline

Photographer- Scott Brasher

Makeup- Anya Frankenberg

Hair and Shoot director- Marshall Lin


ROSE & IVY Journal Issue Staring with Actress Karen Gillan


Hair – Marshall Lin 

Photograher- Evgenia Sizanyuk

Make Up- Robert Reyes 

Stylist – Ann Tess 

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ONIA SS 18. Hair by Marshall Lin


ModelBridget Xiling Hollitt

PhotograherAlexander Caesar 

Hair Marshall Lin

Make up ING make up

model wear ONIA 


Leiomy Maldonado for Puma X Fenty by Rihanna / Hair by Marshall Lin

Model- Leiomy Maldonado

Photography- Nelson N.Castillo

Hair – Marshall Lin

Make Up-  James R. Toribio

Stylist- Sarah Gentillon