Marshall’s Chair: Stephanie Rad

Marshall Lin heads down to Stephanie Rad’s studio just a day after her big

Borne out of a love for pants, Rad offers seven different pant styles within her collection of separates and suiting for the modern woman.

Here, Rad talks more about her label and the friendly wave that brought her into Marshall’s chair.


How did you meet Marshall?

My sister had been seeing another stylist at Frederic Fekkai, and one day, I kinda met Marshall, gave him a little wave, and watched him do someone’s hair. So very naturally, for my next appointment, I booked one with Marshall. I have a lot of hair and I don’t like to do too much to it. He understands how my hair moves and all my concerns; he really knows how to make women comfortable in their hair. I consider myself a modern woman, who runs around a lot and goes from day to night, so I don’t like having to worry too much about my hair.



How did you know he was the hairstylist for you?

I don’t know if I knew for sure, but I was just amazed at his technique as I was watching him style that woman’s hair.


When it came to creating your first lookbook, you obviously turned to Marshall to do the model’s (Ruby Aldridge) hair as well, how important is hair for the look and feel of your brand?

 I would like to say that my brand is very collectable. There’s a blazer that you can buy now and wear over the next five years. My clothes are classic pieces, but they are also interpretive, and this is important because so many women have completely different aesthetics and I love that they can make my pieces their own. I think the hair, beauty and accessories brings the whole look together. When it comes to the hair itself, I like that someone with a shaved head, or really long hair can wear my clothes however way they style them.


How did you finally decide on the hairstyle for your lookbook?

 I like to surround myself with people who are much smarter than me. Marshall’s vision for hair was something tousled, more relaxed, really texturized – something that was a little rock and roll, but also easy to wear to work. I relayed his opinion to the rest of my team and they jumped on board right away.



How did you get into fashion design?

 I have a really fun background in fashion. I worked in retail when I was younger, I worked at Rock & Republic, which is a denim company, in sales and customer service when they were launching. Then I worked at Michael Kors in merchandising, my boss at that time was the fashion director at the company and it was all about making the brand consistent, so I got to see every aspect of the brand and got an amazing education there. I moved on to real estate and really learnt the ins and outs of running a business. Then I worked at the fashion agency SWW Creative with Stephanie Winston Wolkoff – she is an amazing mentor to me. All these experiences led me to my label. I always wanted to make sure that I was prepared to run my own label, I’m sure I’ll make mistakes just like everyone else, but I wanted to get a good education in running my own business prior to starting



Who is the Stephanie Rad Girl?

That is so hard for me. At the end of the day, she’s the woman who has too much on her plate and she travels quite a bit – whether for work, pleasure, or with her family. She’s the woman whose purse is always a little too big because she’s constantly running around. I think she’s someone who wants to be comfortable; she’s chic and comfortable with who she is. Because she’s comfortable with who she is, she’s sexy, and she can make my clothes what she wants them to be.


Pants are at the center of your label, why is that?

I love the look of a real trouser, and I had difficulty finding something comfortable and had enough stretch to hold everything where it’s supposed to be. And I didn’t just want a basic pair of pants, I wanted ones with an elevated design.

I have seven different pairs of pants in my collection and I think there’s something for everybody. It’s funny that my mom picked out the same pair of pants as my 18-year-old cousin. I like for things to fit everybody.

There is an extra 2 or 3 inches in each pair of pants that allows you to make alterations if you’re a little taller because I know it’s a little harder for taller women to find great pants.

Everything fits everybody. I wanted to create a great staple.


In a few words, what does beauty mean to you?

 I think we can all agree that beauty is from the inside. If your content, you will glow, but I love the beauty industry for giving us a helping hand. We may sometimes lean on our make-up a little too much, but it allows us to fix that one thing that may not be quite right and I love that.


. As told to Stacey Chia

Gabrielle Bernstein for Marshall’s Chair

Cover hair by Marshall Lin / Photo by  Chloe Crespi


The relationship between a hairstylist and his clients goes beyond the superficial. Longtime clients, who have become also become dear friends, get in Marshall’s chair to talk hair, life, careers and about what beauty ultimately means to them.

In the first Marshall’s Chair column, motivational speaker, author and TV personality Gabrielle Bernstein talks about why she entrusts Marshall with her hair and her brand new book, The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith, which in this past week reached Number 1 on The New York Times best-seller list.

Do you remember how you met Marshall?

 I was desperately looking for someone to cut my hair, and so I asked my friend Andrea Lavinthal, who is the style and beauty director at PEOPLE Magazine , and she said that the only person you can see is Marshall. This was about seven years ago. Now I see him every three months for a cut and he’s done four out of five of my book covers.





So apart from just a recommendation, what made you trust him with your hair?

 From the first day that he cut my hair, I knew he was my guy. It’s his confidence and certainty in what he’s doing that makes me feel very safe, and more importantly, he listens to me. I’ve been to other people before and I don’t feel that same sense of certainty.


Why is having a great hairstylist so important to you?

I don’t like to wear a lot of make-up and I dress pretty casually, so I think that my hair can do a lot for me. Having a good cut and color can really make your whole look.



What’s your daily hair routine like?

 I try not to blow dry it too much on my own. If I’m going out, I’ll just run a curling iron through it. I try and do deep conditioning at least twice a week. I only wash my hair every other day and let it air dry. My routine is all about being natural.

What does a good haircut do for you?

 It makes me feel more confident and sexy. Even if I don’t have the right outfit on, I can still feel complete.



Your long blonde hair has become your signature look, do you think you’ll ever change it?

I think I will eventually, but I’m going to try and keep it as long as I can for now.



You coined this term “spirit junkie” several years ago, but what does it really mean? 

It’s someone who chooses to see their life through the lens of happiness, so they can have a better experience. To relate this to beauty, beauty begins from within, the happier you are, the more confident, secure and beautiful you are.

What are your goals for your “spirit junkie”?

I don’t focus too much on goals. I just try and enjoy what’s happening in front of me and allow it to get better.

Tell us a bit more about your new book, ‘Judgment Detox’

It’s about changing your perceptions, so that you can feel more confident and comfortable in your life. (Editor’s note: You can shop the book here.)


Photography by Alison Wedewer// hair by Marshall Lin// hair color by David Michaud// make-up by Yelena K Beauty