Hair by Marshall Lin

Model- Claire Dubois, Morgan Sipp, Caroline

Photographer- Scott Brasher

Makeup- Anya Frankenberg

Hair and Shoot director- Marshall Lin


ROSE & IVY Journal Issue Staring with Actress Karen Gillan


Hair – Marshall Lin 

Photograher- Evgenia Sizanyuk

Make Up- Robert Reyes 

Stylist – Ann Tess 

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ONIA SS 18. Hair by Marshall Lin


ModelBridget Xiling Hollitt

PhotograherAlexander Caesar 

Hair Marshall Lin

Make up ING make up

model wear ONIA 


Leiomy Maldonado for Puma X Fenty by Rihanna / Hair by Marshall Lin

Model- Leiomy Maldonado

Photography- Nelson N.Castillo

Hair – Marshall Lin

Make Up-  James R. Toribio

Stylist- Sarah Gentillon


The Quick Fix Guide to Winter Hair

Hat hair, hair loss, dry scalp, and brittle hair are just a few complaints I hear during this time of the year. As the winds blow stronger and the chill sets in, clients always ask, “Is winter damaging to my hair and scalp?”
When the temperatures drop, loss of moisture and static electricity are two culprits behind most hair dilemmas. Two simple solutions can easily combat these issues.
1. Static Cling from Winter Attire
When walking around looking like you’ve been electrically shocked won’t do, all you have to do is add a little serum. The effects of all the friction from staticky fabrics from parkas, sweaters, scarves, and hats can be undesirable; but running some light serum through your hair will prevent the instant expansion once you come in from the cold. Pulling your hair back and keeping it place before putting on your winter gear will also prevent your hair from sticking up all over the place.
2. The Power Of the Hot Shower
While a hot shower, sauna, or soak in a warm jacuzzi provides a cozy respite from the cold, it also opens your hair cuticles, exposing them to dryness and static. By sealing the cuticle back, you can protect your hair. Simply wet a towel with cool water and apply it to your hair and scalp, following any warm water hair treatment. The cool water will reseal the cuticle, and keep it healthy and silky.
All you need is a little serum ( PAI SHAU Biphasic infasusion, Davines oi oil )) a towel and some cool water. Winter hair problems solved!
– Marshall Lin
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